Santo Corporation Co., Ltd.

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    take form

    At SANTO, we produce all of our printing sheets at our own factories located within Japan.
    We will handle each request with speed and flexibility to develop high quality products.

    About SANTO
    To Create with Helping your ideas take form
  • Sales Results okUsed around the world because of our reliable technical capability

    We have a deep knowledge of our industry gained over many years of trading and offer reliable technical ability as an expert maker of transfer sheets.
    The high quality products produced at SANTO are used all over the world.

    About SANTO
    Sales Results ok Used around the world because of our reliable technical capability
  • The Answer isSANTO is the answer to all transfer sheet needs.

    SANTO continues to reinvent the possibility of transfer sheets, creating new added value to our products.

    About SANTO
    The Answer is SANTO is the answer to all transfer sheet needs.
  • CSR Activities okWe actively participate
    in CSR practices.

    green nano CSR

    SANTO continues to addresses issues within the company to move toward a sustainable business model.
    SANTO is committed to investing in thermal recycling by reducing CO2 emissions using next generation technology Green Nano to achieve a more sustainable business model (SDGs).

    CSR Activities
    CSR Activities ok We actively participate in CSR practices.


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We are a manufacturer for transfer sheets that can be used with a wide variety of products including apparel.
We have an extensive track record of providing transfer sheets for markings on sports wear, with a wide variety of reliable high quality products that can be used with industrial products.
We also operate as a retailer for products which are needed to make use of our transfer sheets such as output devices, operating systems and expendable products.

Proudct Development


Product Development

We ship OEM products to a wide variety of industries. We have received outstanding feedback for our knowledge of hot-melt printing and high technical level of coating technology.
We accept manufacturing requests from small quantity lots. Our OEM manufacturing prodedure is as follows. First of all, we will sit down with you and have a meeting. After our meeting, we will produce a prototype. Once we know that the product is to your satisfaction, we will move into manufacturing your order. We endeavour to produce products which are needed by our customers, by keep up with the ever changing needs of the times. We aim to do this by continuing to research and produce products at our company manufacturing plant.