Santo Corporation Co., Ltd.


OUTLINECompany overview

Firm name Santo Corporation Co., Ltd.
Established June 6th 1980
Location (Head office)542-0081 Muraki Building 4F Minami-semba 1-16-20 Chuo-Ku, Osaka-Shi OSAKA
(Manufacturing department)Santo Co., Ltd.
Osaka, Izumi City
Capital 20,000,000 yen
Director Representative Director, Sanari Katsuo
Employees 12
Banks Resona Bank, Semba branch / Mizuho Bank, Minami Semba branch
Description of business

We are a manufacturer for transfer sheets which can be used with a wide variety of products including apparel wear. We have an extensive track record of providing transfer sheets for markings on sports wear. We manufacture a wide variety of reliable high quality products which can be used with industrial products. We also operate as a retailer for products which are needed to make use of our transfer sheets such as output devices, operating systems and expendable products.

・Sales and manufacturing heat transfer sheets for printers and plotters
・Sales and manufacturing of water transfer sheets
・Manufacturing OEM products
・Maintenance, management and sales of computers and peripheral equipment
Companies we have contracts with (Suppliers)
Roland DG Co., Ltd. / DIC Co., Ltd. / Toyo Cloth Co., Ltd. / Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd. and more
(Our customers)
Sports apparel makers, apparel makers, distributors, etc.


Company location:
Muraki Building 4F
Minami-semba 1-16-20
Chuo-Ku, Osaka-Shi
Public transportation access:
Subway Osaka Metro Sakaisuji Line Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line Nagahoribashi Station, Exit no.1 (5 min walk from Exit no.1)


Stable growth and a solid track record. Changing with the times.
~ For our customers and our pride as a top manufacturer ~

With the global Covid_19 pandemic in 2020, the isolation of people and economic downfall has pushed society and companies into a situation that no one has experienced previously. Even though it is difficult to see into the future during these drastic times, we believe that the demand for our products will continue 5 years, 10 years from now.
We believe that as a manufacturer, it is our responsibility to tackle environmental issues despite the uncertain future this pandemic has brought upon us.
At SANTO, we are taking the initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through utilizing Green Nano technology in all of our products.
We will continue to produce transfer sheets as long as there is a demand under our motto of "Being useful for our world".Exclusive director, Katsuo Sanari

HISTORYThe history of SANTO

1980 We were established as a distributor for coderay(synthetic leather sheets) from Teijin Co., Ltd.
1990 Opened our first factory in Osaka and installed coating facilities.
Started manufacturing reflective sheets for apparel and urethane cutting sheets.
1992 With the start of J League (Japanese professional soccer league), the use of polyurethane sheets (rubber sheets) spread rapidly.
The customer base for the marketing industry increased rapidly with the introduction of design software, heat press machinery, plotters and personal computers. We rapidly increased our shares at this time as we were operating as a distributor for these systems.
2000 We developed the first transfer sheet for inkjet printers in the industry.
The use of this product spread throughout the printing industry and marketing industry by cooperating with producers.
During this time, we produced and manufactures a wide range of sheets for inkjet printers (including OEM products).
2015 Development of inkjet phosphorescent sheets started.
Conventional phosphorescent pigments are not compatible with water, making it unsuitable for washing. By cooperating with producers, we used water proof pigments and started manufacturing the first inkjet phosphorescent sheets for materials. Another first in the industry. We acquired multiple patents with this manufacturing technology. We have international patents for this technology in China, Taiwan and the United States.
2020 Started introduction and trial production of next-generation technology "Green Nano" that suppresses carbon dioxide emissions during incineration.
2021 Started full-scale introduction of "Green Nano" to our manufacturing sheets (sheets produced after February).


*We are not currently hiring. We will announce when we are hiring on this page.