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We will answer frequently asked questions about our products (transfer sheets) here.

What kind of equipment is required?
You will need a solvent-based inkjet printer, a cutting plotter and a press machine.
I only have a cutting plotter, do I need an inkjet printer as well?
There are certain things you can do with just a cutting plotter, but you will be limited to only using cutting sheets.
Can I use a water soluble inkjet printer?
As our sheets are made to be used with solvent-based printers, they cannot be used with water soluble printers at this time.
Is it possible to transfer with an iron?
It is possible, but because the pressure applied to the surface is uneven, you will get an uneven result. This can cause problems such as peeling when washing, so we recommend using our sheets with a press machine.
Can I transfer on to any type of material?
Transfering is done with heat. This means that material which isn't finished with a surface that is strong in high temperatures can cause problems. You can choose the transfer sheet that is suitable for the material you want to use. If your material is particularly tricky, some testing may be required.

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