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    Privacy policy

    Policy for the protection of private information

    1.Basic policy

    Santo Corporation Co., Ltd. (Hereafter referred to as the company) understands that it is its moral and social obligation to protect and accurately store personal information gathered upon the purchasing of the company's products or using one of its services. This is of the utmost importance to the company in order to build a relationship based upon trust with its customers. The company has put its policy for the protection of personal information in place as follows.

    2. Gathering and handling of personal information

    The company will only gather relevant information in an official capacity and provide clear information about how that information will be used. Furthermore, the company has processes in place to prevent personal information from being used in any other capacity than what has been agreed upon by individuals who have provided personal information. This ensures that personal information is used only in relevant situations within the boundaries outlined to customers.

    3. Policy for providing personal information to third parties

    The company will not share any personal information with third parties without the concerning individual’s approval. This also applies to partial information.

    4. Adherence to policies and laws outlined by the Japanese government regarding the handling of personal information

    The company adheres to and conducts business within the boundaries outlined by the Japanese government and laws concerning the handling of personal information. All personal information including those of companies and their employees who come into the company’s possession through conducting business will also adhere to these policies outlined by the Japanese government and the laws concerning the handling of personal information.

    5.Prevention of loss, modification, and leaking of personal information

    The company will act without delay if a problem is detected with the personal information it has in its possession. Appropriate measures are in place to protect personal information and prevent the risk of personal information leaking to any outside source, modifications being made to personal information without consent, damage to personal information, the loss of personal information, and unauthorized access to personal information.

    6.Handling of complaints and inquiries regarding personal information

    The company has a prespecified employee to handle all complaints and inquiries regarding the handling of personal information. The company will act upon requests by individuals for the disclosure, deletion, and requests to seize usage of personal information without delay. These requests must be made by the person whose personal information is concerned.

    7.Continued commitment to improving our personal information management system

    The company is committed to making regular reviews of its personal information management system. The company will continue to improve its personal information management system by holding regular training sessions for its staff, taking preventative measures, and reviewing its current system through internal audits.

    { For inquiries regarding the protection of personal information }
    Santo Corporation Co., Ltd.
    Protection of personal information representative, Satoshi Fukuda
    TEL 06-6261-0198
    FAX 06-6261-0443
    (Hours 9:00 - 17:00 weekdays)